Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go Fenway!!

I'm a complete wash-out as a Sox fan this year. I bought into a 10-(wo)man plan many years ago, so I always have at least a few tickets every year, but August 13th was the first game I've been to all season. I haven't even been watching them on TV much during July & August.

Nice game to see, though. T. was at home watching H., so I took my college roommate Mickie, and it was a freakin GORGEOUS night at the ballpark. Warm and windy, and the Sox beat the Rangers 8-4 (it would have been 8-0 if not for Mike "why, Tito, why??????" Timlin).

Our already good seats (4th row bleachers behind Sox bullpen, lots of opportunities to espy pitchers & hot Captains) have been made even better by a) the removal of 2 rows of seats in front of us b) new flooring and c) removal of offending fence that used to be directly in our line of vision. Go Fenway!!